You can call me Odete. I’m a 33-year-old black African female. I seriously became interested in tools for personal development in 2010

I began learning how to use tools to aid my own recovery from chronic pain. I was curious and wanted to explore my own journey from my conception to the depressed person I became as an adult after a difficult, pregnancy and childbirth an operation that injured back.  Pain was real and it seemed to change my whole perception of me. After two near death experiences and a lot of experience in life I knew if I investigated what had happened in my development I would have lots of answers and find new ways of understanding of myself. This notion led me to interview my family and friends and to investigate different tools for my personal development and begin exploring.

My background is in research, fine art, moving image, documentary film.  My first love was biology at school and I was always writing poems or drawing or reading books.  I was a very curious child so I spent my days doing sports, or at the library or with friends mostly listening to them and making paintings, making songs singing in bands or drawing, painting something.  I love creating things so I kept a diary as I progressed through each different tool I discovered. Going through this experience has led me to want to make a film on how people self explore or cope with changes in life were only human.

I currently enjoy running workshops on personal development topics,  enjoy coaching individuals on their Health and wellbeing, run a Cognitive Hypnotherapy practice, practice recollective healing. I have a passion for wellbeing find being alive is a work of art how I spend my time is a vital part of the work of being alive.

I hope this blog can be a safe environment for my explorations and creations. I hope to grow this into a genuine authentic transformational space.  Being open sharing new ways of exploring being human in the 21st century, finding mind and body solutions for well-being in the modern world. Please feel free to become a member share somethings about yourself and your journey of exploration.