Return to the Ayahuasca workshop…

On the way to the workshop it was though to get a cab to where I needed to go so it took lots and lots and lots of phone calls to make myself understood about where exactly I was going which is Hein boeicoposeweg I think that is how it is called. But it was hell to talk to six different Dutch people who didn’t have a clue of what I was saying! Damn that took me to hell and back… I was afraid I would get lost. But then everything just went really well managed to get the correct pronunciation and got to the place! Continue reading

Honey for the soul

It’s been a while since I posted anything but there’s more stuff to be put up here. I wrote you all a little something -┬áhope it warms you up, whatever state you’re in…

I call it ‘Honey for the soul’


well it all started, it all started in the beginning…
I may add that I know not when,
but feel it in the flame of love.

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