In light matters are weightless…

What to say it’s been a while since a have even written about anything.  It’s been so for a good reason.  Well I have been quite unwell for the last four months with Helicopter Pilory a bacteria which can be quite live changing and difficult to live with.  Yet we endure as we look to adapt and evolve and transcend it.  Just feel good about being able to express myself here in this space.  So grateful to say hello in this space called the web. This blog and know that someone somewhere might read it and resonate or totally connect with the energy of what your saying or maybe perhaps no one will read this and that is cool cause I still feel connnected such as being connected to the universe or just exchanging some energy with myself alone in my blog in my room.  Who knows… Continue reading

Honey for the soul

It’s been a while since I posted anything but there’s more stuff to be put up here. I wrote you all a little something - hope it warms you up, whatever state you’re in…

I call it ‘Honey for the soul’


well it all started, it all started in the beginning…
I may add that I know not when,
but feel it in the flame of love.

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