Orgasm with you…

Maybe I just have to accept that I can comfort myself here where I am alone, in this aloneness.

I am a woman: I love being alive, loved, love being worshiped.

It’s my birthright and the universe this earth made me so I am woman uniquely me and beautiful naturally sensual sexual a being from nature independent, yet codependent, vulnerable, and strong, see me I am here visible I am here alive, exposed, an art form, driven with my breath, warmth, brave, driven, weak, passionate, ecstatic, happy, aroused, amused, orgasmic, a lover, sexual. Continue reading

Some more weeks after the 3 first weeks after taking Ayahuasca


Going through this process wasn’t easy, mainly because nothing prepared me for how I would be feeling. It took about a month for the effects to wear off. At least by then I felt a bit more grounded. I felt so open and sensitive, mainly vulnerable, with my new sense of self, and I felt so much love and compassion for others and myself, sometimes it was easier just to be alone. It was so hard to be around people and see them be mean to themselves and others. It was difficult to see people pretending to be nice when in truth they were only lying to one another for some silly reason that made their day. Continue reading