Unconditionally loving me Affirmations




I love feeling comfortable, working at the career that I love and that fulfils me.

I am creating beautiful, meaningful relationships everyday with myself and others with every breath that I take, with every heartbeat, with love and kindness, within myself. Continue reading

In light matters are weightless…

What to say it’s been a while since a have even written about anything.  It’s been so for a good reason.  Well I have been quite unwell for the last four months with Helicopter Pilory a bacteria which can be quite live changing and difficult to live with.  Yet we endure as we look to adapt and evolve and transcend it.  Just feel good about being able to express myself here in this space.  So grateful to say hello in this space called the web. This blog and know that someone somewhere might read it and resonate or totally connect with the energy of what your saying or maybe perhaps no one will read this and that is cool cause I still feel connnected such as being connected to the universe or just exchanging some energy with myself alone in my blog in my room.  Who knows… Continue reading

Return to the Ayahuasca workshop…

On the way to the workshop it was though to get a cab to where I needed to go so it took lots and lots and lots of phone calls to make myself understood about where exactly I was going which is Hein boeicoposeweg I think that is how it is called. But it was hell to talk to six different Dutch people who didn’t have a clue of what I was saying! Damn that took me to hell and back… I was afraid I would get lost. But then everything just went really well managed to get the correct pronunciation and got to the place! Continue reading

That it was my choice but it was very important for me to attend this workshop and that a lot of work had gone into making this happen… They were even showing me some of the implications for the events that were to follow – that I had come here to do work with humanity on this part of our development. This went on for about 30 minutes. Then I agreed to go then it stopped. I got up, had some tea, then went back to bed. Continue reading

Odette be…

Odette be…

Listening to my heart,
I pay attention to the many humdrum and the rhythm
of beats and vibrations resonating vibrating all over every inch of my entire body
my nerve centre and senses connect
Vibrations, sound and the sound is the law
one with the law and eternity…

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