Orgasm with you…

Maybe I just have to accept that I can comfort myself here where I am alone, in this aloneness.

I am a woman: I love being alive, loved, love being worshiped.

It’s my birthright and the universe this earth made me so I am woman uniquely me and beautiful naturally sensual sexual a being from nature independent, yet codependent, vulnerable, and strong, see me I am here visible I am here alive, exposed, an art form, driven with my breath, warmth, brave, driven, weak, passionate, ecstatic, happy, aroused, amused, orgasmic, a lover, sexual. Continue reading

Exploring gratitude…

Gratitude don’t cost a thing and yet it’s so empowering… I am grateful for every little and big thing I am and will feel and be today.
I love the fact that I am here with you all this time around. In my heart I am dying all the time as I am being born.

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