Ayahuasca giving birth to an Experiences space!

After having taken the great medicine I felt it was appropriate to develop a page detailing some of the changes and new experiences in perception I have been having in life.  It has been 3 months since my first experience.  I have learn a lot about my self in such a short period of time.  I tought it was important to have this virtual space in order to share some spiritual and inspriational artistic ideas and experiences I have been having since.

One of the things I have found life changing is the fact that I haven’t smocked or drank alcohol since experiencing the medicine.  I haven’t really missed alcohol and other substances either.  So I am very happy about my life without it.  I am enjoying it very much although it is such a change I wasn’t a heavy drinker but I used to consume it ocasionally. These are still early days but I am happy to share that fact.  I look forward to adding more to this space links poetry songs and other things.  I really hope this is a space people can come to and explore things togerher.  Share and come to love and be with one another ideas and concepts.  Look forward to seeing it grow! Love light and health happyness to all!