I started drawing at five before I could write.  Later in my teens I loved to draw and write poetry and these were hobbies I would do anywhere I went.  That was all I did when spending time with friends after school.  Now as an adult I really enjoy painting as a way of relaxing and expressing feelings I cannot find words to express.  It helps me to focus and find myself when life get too intense at times.  I use painting or expressing feelings and thoughts with colours as a tool of release.  I miss painting at times; after having my son it is hard to find the space to store my work and I have no studio at the moment. I hope I can start working again very soon.

The painting styles I enjoy are expressionism, impressionism, cubism and abstract.  To be honest I have never identified with just one style of painting, so I paint in all styles I can express.  I love to express an idea or a feeling that no-one else can understand, where only the painting can tell the story.  Often words just confuse people and they never get what you really mean to say.  I find that with painting it is possible to be expressive and understood. When it is done you leave it open to interpretation.



1997 Untitled (charcoal on paper)

1997 Untitled (acrylic and water colour on paper)

1997 Untitled (water colour on paper)

1998 Untitled (charcoal on paper)

1999 Untitled (acrylic and water colour on paper)

1999 Untitled (acrylic on card)

1996 Untitled (block print on paper)

1996 Untitled (crayons and pencil on paper)

2008 Untitled (oil on wood)

2010 Ascension (oil on canvas)

2010 Untitled (oil on wood)

2011 All one (acrylic on canvas)

2011 Untitled (acrylic on canvas)

2011 Untitled (acrylic on canvas)

2011 Untitled (acrylic on canvas)

2012 February Untitled (acrylic on canvas)

2012 February Untitled (acrylic on canvas)

2012 Untitled (acrylic on canvas)

2012 Untitled (acrylic on canvas)

2012 Untitled (acrylic on canvas)

2008 Untitled (acrylic on canvas)

  • Sidney O’Perrer-Howiss

    Far out and solid, maaannn…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for enjoying it.  Have a wholesome day!

  • Roger Otip

    Your recent work is the best I think.