Unconditionally loving me Affirmations




I love feeling comfortable, working at the career that I love and that fulfils me.

I am creating beautiful, meaningful relationships everyday with myself and others with every breath that I take, with every heartbeat, with love and kindness, within myself.

I am living with abundant health within my body, within every cell and organ in it, bursting with healing, indefinitely and consistently recovering in my mind and DNA.

I am comfortable with my love for myself.

I love how I express fully my love for who I am and who I am becoming in every second of every day!

I am always falling in love with all the parts of myself unconditionally, in every moment of every day lovingly sustaining me;

I am abundantly connected to divine intelligence that is always nourishing me, giving me peace and tranquillity in all the areas of my life.

I am grateful for all the goodness in my life.

I am open to receiving true unconditional love, good health and the richness of that makes this all ever-growing.

I allow myself to feel and accept my happiness within me, in all my inner peace, tranquillity, in my trust in the divine and myself,
I accept that I’m the creator of infinite love wealth and abundance in all I think, touch and see.

I am so comfortable and grateful for being alive, full of wealth.

I am so comfortable with and grateful for being me and unconditionally in love with all of myself.

It’s okay to receive wealth and abundance in my life.

I am open about and grateful for being in receipt of an abundance of money and having plenty of wealth in my life and that is okay!

It’s okay to have all the money I desire and feel tranquillity in my financial life.

All is well: my life is so wonderful! I am so happy and grateful to receive so much abundance and fulfilment in all areas of my life.

I am so thankful for my psychic gifts and I am abundantly grateful for effortlessly finding all the things that I need to be happy, for all the goodness that is infinitely coming to me.

It’s okay to feel good and accept to have things that are expensive and luxurious and lavish!

It’s okay to accept wealth and abundance in my life.