Loving me positive Affirmations

I am in love!

I have fallen in love with myself and its unconditionally and it was love at first sight!

Who would have thought that I could ever deserve such a supreme exceptional love like the one I am feeling. It feels so good and it’s so pure I have been doing so every day falling in love with me.

I have decided to share some of the very juicy intimate happy romantic moments I have been having with me. I have call them loving me positive affirmations some feelings that have been coming out are so deep and profound. I am so deeply enjoying the love I am giving and receiving from me. I often like many have been s caught up in the habit of looking for love outside of myself. I meet someone who completely made me look within me and I found myself falling in love slowly with me.
I am not sure how it happening looking at him I saw me and all of creation and it was huge and beautiful and I lost my ability to think my brain stopped working I usually am an analytical person but for some reason that messed me up. It felt someone had crashed my computer and put my intuition and emotions in charge of the managing system and I was paranoid scared freak out. I thought I lost it seriously, the most embarrassing experience and believe me I have been dyslexic, dyspraxic, black, a tomboy Basically, geeky, awkward but this was something else. I will be sharing some interesting stories which I which ail be titled ‘Adventure’s in la la land with Odette’.  I have to thank my beautiful stylish new human acquaintance but dear soul friend Mark for the inspiring twilight zone like type of experience.

Through these winter season I hope to inspire and nourish your souls while you read my beautiful adventures.  These adventure if we are aware enough we all  can have them or are having them.  While having a human experience on the supremely Exceptional uniquely but simply beautiful planet Earth.