They are my stars, my sisters and I are close, but live such different lives.There is so much love in me for them and they bring out the best in me.   I love them deeply, we are not perfect but perfectly imperfect.  They inspire me and at times drive me mad and with rage and laughter, fill my life with simply amazing moments and beautiful adventures.  When we we’re little I wanted to marry them when I grew up they truly tried talking me out of not wanting to grow up.  I think I was never really was listening, I kind of never did.  At times I still see myself self as the little girl who didn’t really want to grow up and I was really the last one to want to have a boyfriend.  Who cares about having a proper boyfriend when you can have adventures and explore reality or what ever is really happening!  I love my sisters they thought me to want to learn about being a woman.  I love the women in my life! What are the connections between you and yours sisters would love you share them here with me.