Be Love’s Disease

Infected with the love bug a virus has got a hold of me
My skin blows hot and cold
This turns to warmth the sweat in my pores in each atom just
release and let go
melting inside me borders, opening all the doors
doors that keep me safe but keep me stuck in my patterns of fear and ignorance
Emotions flow somewhere between heaven and paradise
I feel, I accept me and it melts my once cold now warm walls
deep inside me melt with the warm heat of compassion
the ultimate release
Climaxing a nirvana uniquely being one
an elevated existence consciousness takes hold of me
letting go completely
losing the self in all the senses, letting go
of my body, be present, stay with it
sustaining it, feeling, pain, hurt melting away, feeling it inside me
melting inside in the most intimate parts, deep in my flesh
this ease, trembling from release
guilt, and fear, slip from me like sweat, cough out, outdated fear based dense beliefs
My skin is black, yet warm… I feel… I am…
This release is a virus a fever, it causes you to let go all there is to do is to surrender
surrender to love
The antidote is trust, fully embracing love, accepting
flaws, compassionately, without judgement
Breathe in acceptance, let go compassion
My sins and fear melt within me like tears in the rain
I die, surrender
then there is only love, surrender then trust
my body trembles I surrender and climax within and outside
in paradise and heaven, warm like gratitude and grace
I climax and surrender I die, and am born both climax and peace