Return to the Ayahuasca workshop…

On the way to the workshop it was though to get a cab to where I needed to go so it took lots and lots and lots of phone calls to make myself understood about where exactly I was going which is Hein boeicoposeweg I think that is how it is called. But it was hell to talk to six different Dutch people who didn’t have a clue of what I was saying! Damn that took me to hell and back… I was afraid I would get lost. But then everything just went really well managed to get the correct pronunciation and got to the place!

I spent some time meeting and greeting other people who I meet the last time. I shared a bit of the lessons I had been learning. Later managed to just go off on my own to the woods where I channelled all of the ancestors of all the people attending the workshop, sat on the grown surrounded by threes I asked for blessings of the great spirit Gaya and the spirit of the threes for protection and grounded myself asked for blessing and protection from all my ancestors in my family line and my guides to help me do the work I had no idea why I had gone apart from feeling deeply grateful for all the little atoms that make me Odete.

Before beginningthe ceremony I saw Norberto then Rini the two main organisers it was good to see those faces again. A bit like before and after… But good.
We started the workshop I drank my first, second third as the rounds when on I notices it was taking an effect on people. I just lay there in my bed with my son’s teddy which is actually a puppy. Well these toys look so similar to one another these days. I mean when you seen one you seen them all I actually had a fear of teddies and clowns never quite liked them… I realised being a mother does change you so much. I actually brought the toy because it is my son’s favourite I always miss him so much. Even if I am only away for 3 days.
As I laid down and everyone was in their bed’s in this room with all these people who also came down to have their experience. I happened to choose the same place which I had chosen to sit on my first time there. We all sang a song together which is part of the ceremony at the ‘Cuof AAmsterdam then we all were asked to take our places and I just laid there I was tired from my journey and drifted into a haisy sleep almost forgot I had a body or a shame I even forgot I was there and then this guitar music started and then singing then I was back in my body and the reality sinked in that I am in the room with all those people who were sharing the workshop with me. I was quite upset because it was so nice not to be in my body, I then realized that the person singing was seating next to me and she had the sweetest voice but I hated her for bringing me back. At the same time I loved her sweet voice but couldn’t she have waited a little? Well obviously not, this made me laugh and I enjoyed the singing and it opened my heart and filled it with warmth. That evening it was special and sweet most of the first nights in the workshop they give us a light dose of Ayahuasca there were a lot of first timers there… I felt the medicine working though my body through the womb through my chest and heart areas and just lots of body work and I was just sharing with the medicine how grateful I was to be there with it inside my body together again blessing everyone in the room and their ancestors for being there for being together in that beautiful place.